I locked my keys in the car: who to call

If you were to accidentally lock your keys in your car, your first instinct would likely be to panic. After panicking, you would probably feel a sense of embarrassment. Once you get past the embarrassment, your right mind would probably take over, and you would then be able to start focusing on solutions to your problem.

By the way, it’s fine to skip past the embarrassment part. Sooner or later, everyone locks their keys in the car. It is a fact of life as a car owner because all of us lead busy lives that make it impossible to always stay focused on every detail in our lives.

Skipping past the embarrassment, you will begin to realize your available solutions are limited. Should you have difficulty thinking of possible solutions, here are a few you might want to consider.

Call Family Member for Spare Keys

If you live in anticipation of making mistakes, you might be storing spare keys at home or with a family member. As your brain says keys locked in the car, who to call, you can call for someone to bring you the spare keys.

There are two potential issues with this option. First, a family member might not be available to help you. Second, they might be available to help you, but your wait would be significant.

locked keys in car ask for help

Call 911 or Roadside Service

If you are in a potentially dangerous situation, you could 911 for police assistance. Sometimes, they can help you get entry into your car. With that said, they are likely to hear locked keys in car and just call a towing service. That would cost you some cash and perhaps annoy the police. From a list of who to call, 911 should be a last resort.

IIf a towing service would end up being the only available option, you might as well skip the police and call for roadside service directly. When they hear locked keys in car, they will see dollar signs, and that is not good for you.

Call Your Dealership

If you can get your car to the dealership, they have several ways they can help you. If you are using a fob device, they might be able to duplicate the code and get the door open. If a key is needed for entry, they can surely get you a duplicate key.

On the list of who to call, this might be the most expensive option. Since you have to take the car to the dealership, you would end up having to pay a towing service, then turn around and pay the dealership for their assistance.

Call a Reputable Locksmith

Back in the day, any thoughts about who to call when keys locked in the car would go right to a locksmith. If you were to go with tradition, that is when Red Rocks Locksmith would get a chance to shine.

locked keys in car call a locksmith

When we hear locked keys in the car, our first thought is we have to get to the customer right away. To do that, we keep multiple mobile locksmith units on the road. Soon after your call, one of our well-trained and courteous technicians would show up at your location and work a little magic. Within minutes, your keys will be in hand, and you will be back on your way.

As a bonus, you will get to drive away feeling relieved and satisfied after receiving our elite services at a price you can afford. We can provide services for any make, model, and year of car.

Why a Professional Locksmith Will Always be the Best Solution

When your keys are locked in the car and you are not sure who to call, you will have three concerns. First, you need immediate help. Second, you need reliable help. Third, you need an affordable solution. A top locksmith like Red Rocks Locksmith can alleviate all three concerns with one simple call from you.

Red Rocks Locksmith Locations

If you live in Colorado, you will be happy to learn we have retail locations in Denver, Arvada, and the Boulder area. From our retail locations, we can respond to emergency calls in many of the outlying areas surrounding these locations. If you live in or visit Fremont, CA, and locked keys in car, you can take advantage of our elite locksmith services in that area as well.

If you want to call the best Colorado locksmith then call has to go to Red Rocks Locksmith.

David is the Owner of RedRocks Locksmith, and his passion is to provide quality and honest service helping keep the company’s customers in Colorado safe and secure while offering the latest and most advanced solutions that can be found on the market.