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Adding smart door locks and other technology to your home or business can give you a lot more flexibility. If any of your properties only have a keyed deadbolt, one lost set of keys means that the security of your family may be at risk. Your possessions at home just got easier to steal. At your place of business, your employees, tools, and proprietary data may be at risk.

The knowledgeable locksmith team at Red Rocks Locksmith Company can help you choose the best smart door locks for your home and business. They can also help you install cameras to keep everyone associated with these properties safer as they enter the buildings.

Smart Lock Service in Denver, CO

Reprogramming a Lock is Much Easier than Rekeying It

Smart home door locks greatly improve your flexibility. If your children are old enough to be at home alone after school, a lock code and security cameras mean that you know when they’re home and that they’re safe in your space. Many of us have heard the lock click behind us and realized that our keys are not in our pocket or our purse.

By plugging in just a few numbers on the keypad, we can quickly get safely back into our homes. At your place of business, smart commercial door locks and codes mean that you can easily re-secure your business after a termination or in the event of a security breach. Lost keys will not be a problem when locks and keys don’t have to go together.

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Programming a Smart Lock

Red Rocks Locksmith can meet you at your facility in an emergency for your smart card lock installation, or you can book us for an appointment to install a smart keypad lock in Denver on the day you close on your new home.

Door Lock Repair
Smart Lock Installation in Denver

The Many Benefits of Denver Smart Lock Services

The more keys to the front door of your Colorado home, greater the risk to your family and your possessions. Even if your child is old enough and extremely responsible, if you install the best smart locks on the market, you’ll still sleep better.

Booking your smart lock installation on the day you take possession means that you don’t have to worry about old keys ending up in the wrong hands. Booking an appointment with Red Rocks Locksmith for a residential locksmith on a move-in day means that you can focus on getting the truck unloaded. Why stress about door locks when there’s 24/7 support available?

Special help for business owners

Those who own commercial property will get great benefits from smart commercial door locks. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you can avoid handing out keys to new employees. Put the keys to your vehicles fleet behind a smart commercial keypad and hand out the code as needed. Locks and keys can be protected simply and your risk of loss can be reduced.

Of course, your most trusted employees will need a key to the vehicle they use most frequently; they may even drive it home. However, if a vehicle key is lost, you only have to rekey one vehicle. If a vehicle key gets broken off in a lock, quickly get a copy made by our commercial locksmith.

Why Choose Red Rocks Locksmith?

Red Rocks Locksmith has four physical locations in the Denver metro area in Colorado. They also offer mobile services and emergency locksmith help, 24/7 to the citizens of the Denver metro area.

All the locksmiths at Red Rocks Locksmith are licensed and bonded. Whether you need a damaged deadbolt drilled and replaced or a simple lockout assistance to get you back into your car, Red Rocks mobile locksmith in Denver can help.

When you’re ready to protect your home or business with a highly secure keypad lock, call us at 720-386-5650. If you need emergency help with a lock repair, we’ll get to your location as soon as possible. Need to book installation of cameras and keypad locks at your business? We can meet you at the scheduled time and show you the many options we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have when choosing a coded lock?

A quality smart lock in Denver can be opened with a code or a security card. One of the benefits of security cards is to install multiple locks if part of your facility needs it. Each employee can be given a card that allows them to appropriate spaces. If your employee earns a promotion that increases their access, you can replace or reprogram their card.

How long does it take to install a smart business lock?

A smart lock on one door can be added as quickly as a new keyed lock. Once you determine what kind of lock you need, contact us either for an appointment or for emergency locksmith help. The more keypads or card readers you need, the more time it will take.

What if my smart home lock is damaged?

If you arrive at your home or business and detect damage on one of your smart lock there is a quick solution. Our team can meet you at your home or business on an emergency basis – 24/7. We can let you in and replace the lock.

What if I need to reprogram my smart card lock?

If you put a smart lock on your business and need to reprogram it because of a disgruntled employee or a security breach, you’ll have the information you need to do so. If you share code to your home door with someone you don’t trust, you’ll be able to reprogram the lock. For professional locksmith help simply contact us at 720-386-5650.

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