Bluetooth Access Control

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What is Bluetooth Access Control?

Bluetooth AC is the most advanced, streamlined, convenient technology for door entry and access control. It works by utilizing devices (usually personal smartphones) that allow for mobile credentials to be sent to a receiving device that controls the locking mechanism on a door, garage, safe, or anything else. Of course, the system is entirely contactless, meaning users only need to operate their smartphones to gain access.

The only requirement is that users download a simple app to their phones. That way, they can easily send wireless data, specifically their “access credentials,” to a Bluetooth-enabled reader that receives the transmitted electronic signal.

Whenever the phone, or other Bluetooth device, is close to the reader, the app sends security data, aka a “security key,” to the reader in order to authenticate their credentials and gain entry.

These kinds of access control systems are highly secure and can be designed in a number of ways for various situations. For example, apartment building access control systems can be set up so that only residents, employees, and maintenance crews can get into the premises.

bluetooth access control

How BAC Works

As noted above, the entire Bluetooth security system arrangement is based on wireless, contactless transmission of a signal from a device, typically a person’s smartphone, to a proximity reader (PR). The PR receives the signal from the phone and either verifies the “security key” and allows entry, or is unable to verify the key, and thus denies entry.

Whether the technology is used in a small business office, huge government building, retail store employee area, educational facility, or as full-scale apartment building access control systems, they all work the same way. The entire process is wireless, involves no physical contact between the user and the lock or door, and involves the sending of an electronic signal from a user’s device/phone to a proximity reader on or near the entry.

Bluetooth AC systems use just one, or a combination of several identification methods:

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how bluetooth access control works
  • They recognize the user through a biometric method like facial, iris, or fingerprint-enabled readers
  • They recognize something the user is carrying, like a smartphone, or an RFID-enabled key or card
  • They utilize something the prospective entrant knows, like a pass-code, PIN, combination, password, or pass-phrase

The technology is similar to automatic garage-door openers except BAC entails much higher levels of security and are virtually impossible to defeat with false codes or unauthorized users. Red Rocks Locksmith teams install, repair, and service all brands of Bluetooth security system products and components.

bluetooth access control features
 advantages of bluetooth access control

Main Advantages of Using Bluetooth AC

There are multiple advantages and benefits of BAC systems, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and enhanced security. Here are just a few of the things that our Red Rocks Locksmith customers have said they like about their BAC systems:

  • They’re affordable
  • They are amazingly simple to use
  • They work perfectly if installed by a competent professional
  • They’re versatile in that they work well in apartments, office buildings, public spaces, and even on private homes.
  • The readers and systems have very low operating costs, which means you can install them on dozens of doors and entrance points
  • Building owners and managers need not purchase special devices to give to employees or residents because people can just use their smartphones
  • The recognition range for the readers can be set for just a few inches, up to well over 15 feet. There’s no need to force people to leave their cars at a security gate when they can simply tap their code or password on a smartphone and send the data to the nearby reader.

Is Bluetooth AC Secure?

BAC systems are highly secure and virtually impossible to defeat through fraud and hacking. For anyone to gain entry to a secure location, they not only need their own device (almost always a smartphone), but need to authenticate their identity first.

Two-step authentication is common on BAC systems. For instance, when someone attempts to enter, the reader will send a one-time authentication code to their phone. Only the person holding that specific phone will see the one-time code. Then, that same user must not only enter the one-time code, but will also have to know a password, PIN, or pass-phrase to gain entry.

Bluetooth Access Control Security
Smartphone Bluetooth Access Control

How Do Smartphones Fit In To BAC?

As mentioned above, the majority of user-devices are smartphones. This is actually an ideal situation because nearly everyone owns a phone that fits into a BAC system. Once a user downloads a simple app to their phone, they can use that phone to communicate with the proximity reader, the receiving device that is either attached to or installed near the entryway.

Why Choose Red Rocks Locksmith?

If you’re in search of enhanced security, as well as convenience, contact one of the Red Rocks Locksmith offices. We’ll give you all the essential information about Bluetooth Access, no matter what size or shape your space is.

Red Rocks Locksmith has many office locations to serve our customers, including a California office in Fremont, and several spots in Colorado, namely in Arvada, Boulder, Englewood, Evergreen, and Denver Metro. Convenient locations are great, but you want excellent service, top-rated technicians, and a Red Rock-solid guarantee, and you get them all when you choose Red Rocks Locksmith.

Our technicians work around the clock, every single day of the year, no matter the weather, and on all major and minor holidays. But that’s not all. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive list of locksmith services from each of our locations.

That means you can feel free to call us about anything, including lock changes, emergency lockout assistance, apartment building access control systems, key fob programming, re-keying for all makes and models of locks, service and installation on high-security lock systems, help with security safes, duplication or fresh cutting of keys, and, of course, Bluetooth access control setup, service, or installation.

Our expert crews work fast, get it right the first time, and won’t break your budget. Whether you need a routine service like smart lock installation or a complex task like all-around Bluetooth access control setup, Red Rocks Locksmith has you covered 100 percent. Call us at your convenience, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way you wish or simply answer questions you have about our long list of services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is access control?

As the name implies, it’s a security system that allows property owners to set specific controls on the people who can gain entry to each part of a building. Typically, access control systems utilize sophisticated locks and various kinds of keys, including magnetic and biometric versions.

What is the main purpose of access control?

Owners who seek to protect their assets use access control. It’s the best way to know that no unauthorized persons are able to enter places where they should not be. You don’t want the janitorial staff to have access to the room where computer servers are stores, for example.

How does access control system work?

Each employee is given a key, access card, or can use biometric data as a form of access through designated entryways. In some systems, each worker has a plastic, magnetized card-key that only lets them enter areas where they need to be, and nowhere else. Other arrangements use iris or fingerprint readers to allow, or bar, certain workers from particular areas or rooms.

What is the best access control system?

The best system is the one that suits your company’s needs. If you only have 10 employees, there’s probably no need for iris-readers and high-tech smart locks on every door. That’s why it’s imperative to speak with the professionals at Red Rocks Locksmith to find out which systems are ideal for your company. There’s no reason to pay too much for super-high-security devices when you only want or need a few magnetic cards and smart locks that can read them.

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