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No matter where you are, it’s easy to find locksmith services. They can key copy multiple duplicates of your old keys, repair locks, and rekey locks that are damaged. Red Rocks Locksmith does this well, providing essential services throughout Colorado, East Bay communities in California and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Have you ever wondered about the security of the locks in your home? Burglaries occur all the time, a nightmare scenario that can take place at the worst possible moment. But what if your keys are misplaced or you leave them somewhere? As you might’ve guessed, such an incident would involve you acting quickly to make the old key inoperable.

A simple key copy will give you a better sense of security, even if the original keys later turn up underneath your car’s seat, of all places. A key locksmith has what you need to ameliorate any of the situations described. It’s a quick procedure and will help you avoid needing to change the lock. The time and effort trying to find a new lock for your door would be much slower than the speed at which Red Rocks Locksmith can repair locks.

Rekeying on your own isn’t recommended for the average homeowner. Attempting to fix the locks yourself could compromise it together, putting your security and the personal possessions of everyone inside at risk of being taken. But by contacting Red Rocks Locksmith, you’re sure to get a lock that’s like new, including as many duplicate keys as you want.

Rekey Locks Locksmith Service in Colorado, California and Hawaii

What is a Rekey Locks Service?

Rekeying is done when a home locksmith alters the locks that are already on your door. It’s not the same as changing the lock for a new one. Locks on home doors are the same as those found on other buildings, machinery, or automobiles. In some circumstances, they don’t have to be entirely overhauled, even if it may appear that way to you.

Think of a mechanical clock, with its numerous gears and gaskets that allow one to tell what time it is. If one gear breaks, there’s no reason to buy an entirely new watch to fix one interchangeable part. Door locks work the same way. A rekey locksmith can evaluate the lock, see what inside is broken or requires fixing and do a rekey locks on-the-spot.

You won’t get any damage to your doors, hinges, or any other locks that are attached to the same door. To rekey, another combination is given to the lock.

This is what makes the service useful for people that have their old keys lost or stolen. And with the combination is a new code for you to receive a brand new key, one entirely different from the other which cannot be found.

Remember, Red Rocks Locksmith can rekey locks for doors for businesses, residences, and other buildings with keys that are lost, or locks no longer working.

But Red Rocks Locksmith is also great in other ways, one being their schedule. You can contact them any time you need assistance. They’ll come through and rekey locks for you any day of the week. Get in touch with them now and you’ll no longer have to rely on another local locksmith again.

Common Reasons to Rekey a Lock

Need your locks rekeyed? Here are some of the primary reasons people call Red Rocks Locksmith for this:

Benefits of Rekeying Locks

Below are some benefits to rekeying:

  • It’s cheaper than having the entire lock replaced.
  • The locks remain on the door, great for those with pricey locks that fit the door well in appearance or hold sentimental value.
  • Faster and safer than one trying it on their own.
  • Configuration options. Red Rocks Locksmith can alter the lock so that it works with specific keys, such as one that you use for another existing lock.

Regional Services for Customers

Red Rocks Locksmith operates in more than one state. They’re in the Denver metro area but will also drive out to where you are in other locations throughout Colorado.

Are you in California? Red Rocks Locksmith can help residents of San Francisco, Hayward, San Jose, and Fremont get their locks rekeyed.

They’re even in the city of Honolulu in Hawaii. Workers of Red Rocks Locksmith are courteous and knowledgeable. Working with them is beneficial by allowing employers to provide help to people that would be the targets of theft and property damage. They maintain a positive working environment that’s rewarding to locksmiths wanting to further their careers.

Benefits of Rekeying Locks


How long will it take for a locksmith to arrive where I am?

Though traffic and availability are sometimes unpredictable, a locksmith will usually arrive at your destination in half an hour or less.

Will a rekeyed lock help make my home safer?

Although there’s no way to make a home 100% safe, rekeying your locks makes it harder for intruders to enter since they won’t have a working key to your residence.

Should rekeying locks be done every year?

You should have them rekeyed every year or two, especially if you or someone you live with has lent other people your door keys.

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