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House & Office Lockout Services.
Locked Out Of Your House?

If you are locked out of your house or office, we are only a quick phone call away. Red Rocks Locksmith provides 24 hour house and office lockout services with a fast response time. If you need expedited and immediate access to your home or property, we have a team of trained and certified technicians on standby ready to get you back in your home right now.

With multiple locations throughout Boulder, The Entire Denver Metro Area Arvada and Evergreen we are able to solve all house and office lockout issues instantly with a quick phone call. You are just moments away from getting back into your home or office with the Red Rocks team.

Lockout Services for Residential & Commercial Properties
House & Office Lockout Services

Emergency house or office lockout services

Getting locked out of your home or office never seems to occur at a convenient time. Rather, it is on the weekend, early morning or overnight these emergencies tend to come up. These emergency lockouts can take many forms including:

  • Malfunctioning digital and smart locks
  • Broken and snapped keys
  • Worn and frozen locks
  • Broken sliding doors and locks
  • Inability to access your safe
  • And more

Of major concern is ensuring only authorized people gain access and whether the unlock service is going to damage the lock, door or safe, costing even more time and money. Regardless of whether you have a standard key, keyless or combination entry system, or smart system Red Rocks Locksmith team has the expertise and equipment to help get you back into your home or office quickly so you stay safe and can get back to the plans that were abruptly interrupted.

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Changing locks for residential homes or offices

There are many reasons you may need to change the locks at your home or office. Whether you have a regular security routine that includes changing the locks, are upgrading the security of your locks, or have had a security breach of some kind that requires these changes, we can help you out. Our team of certified locksmiths are trained to help understand your individual security needs, and help you find the best lock solution, complete with professional installation. This may include:

  • Standard locks with keys
  • Keyed entry locks
  • Smart locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • Window locks
  • Emergency exit locks
  • And more

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New lock installation on doors

When you are moving into a new space, whether it is a new house or office, or are just replacing a door, installing a new lock on the door is often one of the first things people think about doing. Sure, there are a lot of DIY options you could try to do on your own. Without prior experience installing a new lock, you can easily damage the lock, the door, or potentially the door frame, which can be not only frustrating but also can quickly become costly.

When working with our team of highly trained locksmiths you know you will find the right solution for your door, and ensure it is properly installed the first time. We are experienced in all varieties of locks including:

  • Standard locks and keys
  • Keyless Entry
  • Keyed Entry
  • Smart locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • And more

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Smart lock installation

Smart locks are becoming all the rage. Regardless of the age of your house or lock, or wherever you live, a smart lock is something that can not only make things easier for you but also help improve security. In case you do not know, a smart lock is a device that connects to your home or office network allowing you certain functions to your lock from anywhere you have internet access. This means you can ensure you never forget to set the lock, allows you to open the lock before you have your hands full, and ensures you do not get stuck at the door fumbling for the right key or to get it into the lock.

Whether you are looking to retrofit your current lock or install a completely new device, our team ensures the process is smooth and easy, and you get the best lock for your individual situation and needs.

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Keypad Locks Installation and Service

Keypad locks have changed the way many people think about door security, negating the risk of a lost or stolen key. These range in complexity from a simple single code entry lock to more sophisticated digital locks with individual codes for each authorized user and smart capabilities.

Unfortunately servicing these locks in the future is not as simple as the basic key and tumbler locks used be to, and without the right training and experience can quickly become costly, not only in repairing or replacing the lock itself, but also either programming it or issuing new codes.

Working with our certified and professionally trained locksmiths ensures you will get the best keypad lock for your specific situation. It also ensures that your new lock will be correctly installed, and you have the resource needed to correctly service your lock in the future.

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Rekeying Locks on Doors or Commercial Rekey

When you have a concern about the security of your locks, one of the first steps to consider is rekeying the existing lock. This is especially effective if you have concerns about lost, stolen, or misplaced keys. Simply rekeying the lock avoids you having to replace the entire locking mechanism, and potentially damaging the door in the process, but ensures people entering need a new key to gain access to your home or commercial property.

While there are some inexpensive DIY “rekeying” locks available for the general consumer at local hardware stores, these can also increase the risk of someone else attempting to rekeying your lock to gain access to your building. By working with our team of locksmiths trained not only in the mechanics of locks bust but also the concerns of actual security, you know your lock will not be destroyed in the process, and you also have a more secure lock than if you tried a “DIY” option. You also know there are no copy keys for your lock floating around, rendering your lock effectively useless.

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Damaged lock repair

Locks can become damaged for a number of reasons, from attempted forced entry to normal wear and tear. Yes, locks will wear over time, needing either replacement or repair. This wear is caused by the tumblers moving up and down as you insert your key, the wear of changes in temperature and moisture and more.

The good news is you do not have to replace your locks, not to mention keys or entry codes, every time your lock gets damaged or needs maintenance. Red Rocks Locksmith is able to ascertain what has happened and are able to service locks from the simplest to the most complex. The best locksmiths will also compare your existing lock to your current needs and ensure that the repaired lock provides the current level of security you need.

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Broken key extraction

It happens to the best of locks: someone puts the key in, tries to give it a turn and snap, the key breaks. Unfortunately once a key breaks in the lock, extracting it is not simply grabbing a pair of pliers and pulling it out.

When a key breaks in the lock there is often damage internal to the lock as well, especially if a well-meaning friend tried to pull the broken piece out. This means that in addition to extracting the broken key, you also need to fix whatever damage has occurred to the lock so you can get back to accessing your space.

Red Rocks Locksmith is trained in handling these situations, both to ensure the rest of the key is extracted and any internal damage is corrected to avoid further lockout issues. We also take the time to address the style and security of the current lock to ensure it still meets the current need, oftentimes reducing the cost of security upgrades down the road by asking the right questions now.

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Replace and/or repair sliding door locks

Sliding door locks are more delicate than standard locks simply because of the damage you can cause to a sliding door, especially one made of glass, if the proper care is not taken. Add to that a lack of experience or training and you could be looking at replacing an entire door and track rather than just replacing or repairing a lock.

Our team of Red Rocks takes the care needed for the stylish and functional, yet exceptionally delicate door .We have the years of experience to know how to get at the repair or replacement without causing undue damage to the rest of the device.

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Change out mailboxes

Your mail is of utmost importance, especially if you are receiving something beyond the typical ads. Unfortunately mailbox keys can be flimsy, and the locks are small and often delicate. This can lead to snapped keys, frozen locks and more which could mean you need a lot of maintenance, from simply repairing frozen or sticky lock to a change out of your mailbox.

Red Rocks Locksmith has the experience and training needed to know how to maintain and replace these delicate security measures Further, with our security protocols in place, you never need to worry about duplicate keys floating around and an unauthorized person accessing your mail in the future.

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Panic Bar & Exit Device Installation and Service

When you need to get out of the building in an emergency, you want to know the doors are going to function correctly. At the same time you want to be sure those emergency exits do not become a security concern inadvertently allowing allowing unauthorized access to your building.

While panic bars and other emergency exit devices are thought to be “fail safe,” without proper installation and maintenance, they may fail at exactly the right time. Further, damage often occurs to these devices by well meaning people propping these doors open, or in some other way forcing the locking mechanism to stay open in a way it was not designed.

We understand how these things happen. From ensuring proper installation to begin with, coupled with proper maintenance and service, you will know that should the time come to truly need your emergency exit, it will be working properly to help save lives.

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Hardware for Doors

There is a lot of hardware that goes into making a door work well. Most people do not realize that keeping a lock functioning correctly means also keeping the hardware for the door well maintained as well. Some of this hardware includes:

  • Hinges
  • Door locks and deadbolts
  • Door handles and locks
  • Lock tumblers
  • Knobs and levers
  • Crashbars and exit devices
  • Knockers
  • Latch plates
  • Pulls
  • Stops
  • Spring or hydraulic closers
  • And more

Our technicians are also experts in maintaining the entire door mechanism and all of the hardware that goes with it. You do not have to worry about finding a “handyman” to work on the parts of the door that are not specifically the lock.

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Access Control & Security systems

One of the first concerns of security is controlling access to both your building as well as the sensitive areas within your building such as server rooms, records room, offices and more. Further, ensuring reporting access to those sensitive areas can help further your security.

We are well-versed, trained and experienced in developing and implementing physical security for your building that goes beyond the door lock. This includes:

  • Interior and exterior locks
  • Smart locks
  • Access point alarms and alert system
  • Emergency exit alarm systems
  • Window access alarms
  • Keyed entries
  • Keyless locks and entries
  • And more

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Unlocking or repairing different types of safes

Everyone should have a safe. Whether it is for keeping important documents, stashing some money, or storing sensitive items like firearms, safes still perform a vital function today. Unfortunately many people forget where they put key, forgot the combination or perhaps the batteries in an electronic lock have died. Regardless of the situation, you need someone experienced in getting your safe unlocked and functioning.

While there are certainly many can serve as “safe crackers,” our team has more than just the skills to get it open for you. Our training and security protocols also ensure we are providing only authorized access to your valuables. Further, our team has experience with all kinds of safes, be it wall-mounted, floor standing or document safe, and everything from keyed locks, combination locks and electronic locks. We will get you back in with access to your items quickly.

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Service and reprogramming for digital locks

Digital locks offer a lot more flexibility than their standard keyed counterparts. This includes granting unique access on a per person basis, monitored access and access logs, just to name a few. Oftentimes these locks are less cumbersome to maintain and change when there is a security concern.

However, even digital locks need service. This may include repair for wearing components or damage caused by moisture getting into components. It could also be reprogramming the lock with if there has been a security breach or a change in authorized users, just to name a few.

Our certified and professionally trained locksmiths are experienced in these technologically advanced locking systems to ensure the right people maintain the access they need, and others are kept out. This also means our team understands the confidentiality needed when working with an outside firm to ensure proper security.

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Will you need to drill my lock to help me get back into the house?

In 85% of the cases, we are able to help you regain access to your home without needing to drill/destroy the lock. However, some locks security settings, as well as mechanical state require that we drill them in order to let you back in to your home. Our technician will be able to advise once on premise.

Are you able to make replacement car keys on the spot?

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