Do Insurance Companies Cover Car Lockouts?

Car Lockouts Coverage by Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies and Car Lockouts

Most of the car owners wonder if insurance companies cover car lockouts as it’s one of the most common lockout problems that several people deal with in today’s fast-paced daily life. You may have heard that sometimes, insurance companies will help pay for the misfortune of getting locked out of your car. Turns out that it’s true!

Depending on the company you are insured with, and the specific coverage you have, insurance companies regularly reimburse costs of getting locked out, or even losing a car key.

Generally, Geiko, Allstate and Farmers insurance have plans that cover car lockouts and car key replacements.
Coverage for car lockouts would many times be included in full-coverage car insurance plans, with reimbursements of up to $100-$150 in case of car lockouts, and sometimes up to $200 in case of losing your car keys.

If you have such coverage, make sure to have a detailed invoice from the locksmith after your car has been unlocked, and submit it to your insurance company. They will then reimburse you for the amount included in the coverage.

AAA Coverage
If you are an active triple A member, most of the times you will be entitled for a free car unlock. However, since triple A normally has few sub-contractors cover large geographical areas, normally you can expect to wait for at least 2-3 hours before someone will be available to unlock your car for you.

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