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The weather in Hawaii is usually nice, so you might be used to enjoying it while going about your daily routine by car. Although many new models are keyless, most vehicles depend on some kind of device to turn them on. These sometimes end up lost, stolen, or in the case of key fobs, powerless.

Red Rocks Locksmith can take care of all these problems, a Hawaii 24 hr locksmith company people in the area trust. Car keys Honolulu service is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When an accident happens, you need immediate access to a locksmith that you know will deliver promptly and without error. Below is more info about popular car services and why they matter. Call and get back access to your vehicle when the need arises.

Honolulu Car Keys Locksmith

Car Key Services

The average locksmith in Honolulu will advertise the services they’re capable of giving you when you visit their website or give them a call. Although some might have one or two exclusive offerings, they usually provide identical services. The quality of the services can change, of course, which is why it’s recommended that you look into each company before going further. The following info shows the primary offerings you should see with every locksmith. This includes key fob services and more.

Key Duplication

Are you familiar with key duplication? To do it can require machinery that locksmiths possess, putting them at an advantage over going to a dealership for a new key. While you would have to drive to the dealer and possibly have or order, a locksmith in Honolulu could simply drive to where you are and give you a key that fits your vehicle on the spot.

This doesn’t only apply to ordinary auto keys, either. Locksmiths can also give you copies of those that are programmed by a computer. When you contact a locksmith for a new copy, the process will usually work in this order:

When keys are copied in a mobile locksmith’s vehicle, it’s done with a key duplicator. This machine makes multiple backups of any key to your car, either after the locksmith retrieves the combination info from one that’s lost, or another you give to them.

Every motorist needs a spare key for emergencies. Even if you haven’t lost your set of keys or key fob, you could be a day away from your batteries going dead, or leaving them somewhere, never to be found again. Car key replacement is a serious event that’s easier to deal with when you know who to call and the time it’ll take for them to get to you.

Precise Key Cutting

The car keys Honolulu locksmiths use involve cutting, same as companies elsewhere throughout the country. Key cutting is a technique using tools to make a replica of the key that you’ve lost or stolen.

Because key cutting is vital to giving you a new set of keys, it’s a primary device used by locksmiths to give you a solution to different scenarios. For instance, you may have your car key break off in the hole of your vehicle or its ignition. A locksmith can get the old key out for you and make copies that look exactly like the original.

You’ll save money by avoiding the dealership. They could even be cheaper than getting your insurance company’s roadside assistance to have a look at your problem.

Precise Key Cutting, Honolulu Car Keys

Programming of Key Fobs

Key fob programming is slightly more complicated than getting a regular key copy done. Since key fobs use wireless technology to unlock or turn on keys, a new one must be programmed by the locksmith while they’re on the way to where you are. It usually doesn’t take very long to do this.

Based on the car that you drive, it might even be at the same speed as getting a new key fob for your vehicle. The car keys Honolulu drivers know are still in common use, even with more key fobs featured on newer editions of automobiles. But programming is something that locksmiths do, oftentimes making copies with batteries that last as long as the one previously had.

What You Get With a Professional Locksmith

The right car keys Honolulu duplication service and a key copy will provide you with a new set of keys in less than an hour. Red Rocks Locksmith is a recommended service to try out, a company that does all of the above listed previously. Contact them for key fob service done the right way.


How long will it take for a locksmith to arrive where I am?

Though traffic and availability are sometimes unpredictable, a locksmith will usually arrive at your destination in half an hour or less.

Will a rekeyed lock help make my home safer?

Although there’s no way to make a home 100% safe, rekeying your locks makes it harder for intruders to enter since they won’t have a working key to your residence.

Should rekeying locks be done every year?

You should have them rekeyed every year or two, especially if you or someone you live with has lent other people your door keys.

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